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Way 1: Customer’s Service

There is nothing more significant for a customer than being noticed. To feel part of the ongoing conversation is meaningful for some people and there are two ways to do so. The right way to feel trendy is by sharing your awesome experience with the brand.

On the other hand, the wrong way is by publicly complaining about bad service or product. Generally speaking, when we dislike something we drain frustration talking about it. And the more people the complaint reaches, the best it is.

Companies learned thru time how to make the most of public complaints. Thanks to the personal approach of social media, complaints are marketing powerful tools. Every time a social persona responds politely to angry people builds an image of trust and command.

Whenever a frustrated customer says a bad thing about the brand, social media managers must attend it.

A simple tweet can become a sign of weakness or give a bad image if it’s not answered. Now, social media managers have many ways to respond politely, swift, and even funny.

So there is no need to think that a mean comment will dig your company’s grave. This is just an example of how social media marketing has changed the way you deal with issues. Social media marketing eases dealing with angry people.

Way 2: Insights

One of the main traits of digital marketing is the data collected by social media. This data is a real-time game-changer for the expert marketer. Data collection per se is not a good or a bad thing but can be profitable in the right hands.

When a targeted audience isn’t reached after a short period, insights from the data collected will decide what to do. If there is a wrong targeted audience, wrong advertising, or a poorly planned campaign they will tell. The important part is to change on time what you must.

If the message reaches enough to engage with people, the goal is close to you. Else, the usual recommendation is to leave the campaign in the hands of experts. Your marketer knows what’s best.

A bunch of good data insights can come from demographics. This kind of data will tell where your message is better received and where it is not interesting. It will tell the gender, age, and what device they use to interact with you.

Real-time data you can get from digital marketing insights is a complete and useful innovation for digital marketing. It has saved a lot of money for companies and still leads brands to succeed.

Way 3: Business Intelligence

The scientific method is the most accurate way to confirm a fact. Science is based on experimentation so trial-and-error is really common, so there was no other method in marketing.

That was so until digital marketing allowed us to see other companies’ performance.

After that, social media marketing made it even easier to look at what brands failed or succeeded. Just follow your competitor’s social media account to see what they are doing and how they go. For sure, there are a few things to avoid doing and a few to mimic.

When you want to know what is trendy, look at what competitors are doing and innovate. If you do not have an idea of where to start your campaign, get inspiration from the top brands. Social media marketing is more than looking at how your account grows.

Comparing the social media account of one competitor is an advantage perfectly legal and morally right.

If you notice your profile being a copy of other successful accounts, change to offer something better and fresh. The goal of business intelligence is to compare, not to copy.

Way 4: Specialized Media

Nowadays, there are so many social media networks that you can pick up to three to get a marketing goal. Nevertheless, depending on the social media you decided to work on, you must post one kind of content because it is more effective.

Some people are visual, some are more auditory, and some are kinesthetic. Depending on your targeted customer, you should pick a social media network that suits best your marketing goals.

You can use Instagram to post quotes, high-resolution photos, and stories because it is what’s best there.

More consumed or viewed there. Use Facebook if you want to share curated content or entertaining videos. For videos, YouTube is the best regardless if they are short or long.

It is recommended to use Pinterest to post infographics and step-by-step instructions, and photos. Using Twitter will ensure a quick spreading of news, such as blog posts. For better business-to-business aiming, there is LinkedIn.

As you can see, having a variety of social networks will improve your usage of that network. This is another proof of how social media marketing has changed business. The only caveat: try that your marketer keeps the cohesive message if you pick more than one social network.

Way 5: Paid Advertising

Sometimes organic results take a lot of time. Other times, you are in a hurry since you have a limited-time promotion to offer. Whether your case is one or the other, paid to advertise is a practical solution. Especially when you can’t wait too much time to get in the spotlight.

Thanks to the reach and interaction on social media, advertising can cost less than on Google or Bing. So PPC and other forms of advertising on social media can be equally effective and less expensive. Obviously getting a higher ROI.

You can select your audience based on age, gender, employment status, or geographic location in some social media networks. You can also select the time of exposure of your ads. So digital marketing gave a huge leap when social media got in the scene.


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