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The best way to build brand awareness is to develop a business personality and let it show wherever you have a presence online. It’s more than a recognisable logo like Coca-Cola.

Here are few steps that serve as a foundation to build your brand for recognition on the web:

1. Be Selective

Be choosy about your activities. Pick your range of expertise and stay with that.

Deliver real value to prospective customers with genuine, focused material.

Staying focused and selective about what you put on the web will get you faster, deeper results.

2. Have A Style

Give your business a personality and let it shine through. In other words, be real. Don’t hide behind facts or present a “safe” persona that recites what’s already out there. Show your enthusiasm.

This uniqueness is part of what makes you recognisable wherever you show up on the web.

Be real and show your humanity. You’ll make it easier for people to relate to you.

3. Be Consistent

When your audience begins to understand you, they start to trust you. Repeatedly show your business values through your content and actions.

Keep your information focused, and show it in a variety of ways in many online places and platforms. Engage with every response to an article or a social media post, demonstrating that you care about your customers.

4. Be Intentional

Curate your business identity. Just as you as a person want to be known for certain traits, you want the same recognition (brand awareness) for your business.

Align your principles, values, and goals with who you are as a business. And, equally important, who you want your business to become.

Reflect these values in all your online activities.

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