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Amazing advancements have been made in the realm of mobile apps in recent years. For instance, from cutting-edge devices like the Apple Watch, Google Glass, and other wearables to cutting-edge technologies like beacon, M-commerce, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

Today, a smart gadget is a necessary tool that facilitates practically all of our daily activities. This undoubtedly increased competitiveness in the mobile sector, particularly in the app store. Every mobile developer is well-versed in the most recent trends in mobile app development.

Here are a few development trends that can help your application succeed so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Application Security

Security in applications is a primary challenge for developers, which can’t be overlooked. In the last few years, we have seen many apps that resulted in major security breach. In 2015, a huge amount of data was jeopardised by cyber attacks. In fact, it has been anticipated that only a quarter of mobile applications will pass a basic security test.

The app security risk can be aggravated by many factors, including the consistently increasing number of mobile devices, the advent and the rapid popularity of mobile wallets and internet-of-things, and practicing bring your own device in enterprises, to name just a few.

Growing Digital Mobile Payment

One can’t ignore the incessant growth in the number of digital mobile payment providers. TnG Wallet and GrabPay are already in the market. These services have nicely evolved mobile payments, which are already popular and will become more popular in the coming years. And many other mobile payment applications are expected to be unveiled in the following years. This trend clearly epitomises the growth of safer and simpler mobile payments, and this is certainly expected to continue in the future.

Wearables and internet-of-things

Wearables have defined a new dimension to the mobile technology. With the increasing craze of wearables, it is likely to see more and more fitness tracking apps in wearables like Apple Watch, instead of a device-specific fitness tracker. However, fitness applications are just an example: there are myriads of applications like productivity applications. The fashion and textile industries are also seeking technique to reap the benefits of the wearable technology by integrating it in their products.

Coming to the internet-of-things. The internet-of-things has already set a new paradigm for mobile app development, which will take it a notch higher. There are several stats that indicate that the internet-of-things will play a prime role in the forthcoming years.

  • We will have billions of things and people connected with each other by 2020.
  • More than 30% of growth in the global internet-of-things market is expected by the year 2019.
  • Internet-of-things products and their supplier will generate a hefty revenue.

By taking these points into account, more advanced mobile applications can be developed, while allowing users to access the apps from various systems. Many enterprises have already integrated internet-of-things, and it is slated that they will focus more on private cloud networks and sensor systems in the future, rather that restricting to just wearables and mobile devices.

Surge in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing can offer truckloads of features like reliability, scalability, better data storage, powerful processing capability, and so forth. This can also provide prolific development platforms that can benefit developers, and augment app development by revving up the development process and allowing an easy implementation of cloud technology in applications. We already have many cloud-driven applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., more such applications are expected.

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