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Here are the things to look at when finalizing the design architecture of mobile product:

The choice of architecture depends on developer skill set, market analysis, and development approach. Unfortunately, the need for rapid, agile development often outpaces availability of IT skills for native and cross-platform developers – time and delay which can make an app obsolete by the time it hits the market.


Audience Analysis
Identify users, their personas (backgrounds, needs, and goals), competitive analysis, agile user stories, flows, mapping, wireframes, and prototyping tests.


Key Feature Requirements
Let the business requirements drive the feature lists, determining whether the app is best suited for Native,Hybrid,or Cross-Platform development.


Platform Choice
The best practices around UI and UX will vary depending on the platform.


Development Time
Some architectures require more time to develop certain elements or integrations, which should be built into the overall plan and choice.


Start Developing A Test App
Agile development focuses on iterative development and continuous feedback, focusing on customer-centric input that can only come from a test app. This very basic app contains basic functionality and navigation and provides valuable feedback as to whether the architecture is working to satisfy the target user.


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