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Before going to develop an application related to education then Bestweb should categorize education levels into different groups based on their ages and education level. So it is easy for the user to select right option in Bestweb app based on his/her education level.



The app shouldrespond as quickly as possible. If it’s showing waiting or loading user will be irritated. No one wants slow apps. Suppose, user wants to check movie tickets availability and app is taking more time to show results, when your results are displayed finally, it shows all tickets are sold; because of time constraints what you will do? Obviously, next time you will go for other alternatives. So, speed should be considered important while developing an app.


3.Number of downloads

Always focus on developing something that can be used by almost everyone. Bestweb never want to create an app that has a limited usage to a specific class, rather focus on making it more public and something that is used by all. With that, also make sure the app has that extraordinary feature that compels users to start using it, the moment they download it.


4.Include Social Media

Connecting app with social media has one biggest advantage, which might not be wise to avoid. If integrate the developed app with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, then more social media users will know there is such an app that exists, leading to more downloads.



The app should compete with other play store apps. So should think about, how do we develop an app which is different from others and why users should download this. Suppose  developing an ecommerce application, try to automate some features like auto filling data, OTP entering etc. So that it would be easy for users would feel less trouble and will get a good impression of an app.



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