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Just like any other business, some of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for any SaaS business include the level of customer engagement, user satisfaction, and conversion rate. When it comes to digital products, it is impossible to improve these KPIs in the absence of good design practices. When dealing with the design of SaaS software and solutions, it is important for designers to choose an appropriate UX design framework, devise a strong strategy, conduct user research, and stick to the basic principles of design, to achieve desirable results.

Following good design practices for SaaS applications can prove to be extremely helpful, both in the short and long term. Some of the ways in which UX design can add value to SaaS are as follows.

1.Increased customer engagement

One of the most important benefits of UX design in SaaS development is that it promises increased customer engagement. When the audience is presented with a simple user interface, one that is not difficult to navigate, they are more likely to perform their tasks efficiently. In workspaces, where the users generally have to use a certain platform for longer hours, it is essential that the design be aesthetically pleasing, interactive, and responsive so that the customers do not get frustrated. This is what good design principles bring to SaaS applications.

2.Simplified user journey

It is also crucial to consider that a SaaS product cannot be created with one particular organisation or audience group in mind. The functionality of such a tool or software should be scalable as well as adaptable for different types of organisations. This is where the important rule of mapping the user journey from UX design comes in handy. Incorporating the principles of design in the development of a SaaS application ensures that all the user journeys are considered throughout the process. This then helps in simplifying these journeys, highlighting the major touchpoints of the users, thus meeting their major needs at all times.

3.Better return on investment (ROI)

Good design of any product or service ensures better usability. This, in turn, helps in increasing customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are not only loyal to the product or service but also help in its promotion, thus bringing more business. In other words, the good design of any SaaS application can result in an increase in the ROI, proving the worth of UI/UX.

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