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A website is one of the critical things that represent your company. It might be one of the first places where the customer or other businesses know your product or service.

Key indicators to refresh the website as soon as possible:

     1. Your bounce rate is higher than average.

It is one of the best indicators that your website may not represent your brand the best. Suppose customers are clicking on your ads but then leaving your website. It may suggest a poor User Experience. There are a lot of different websites to help you identify the specific areas for improvement in the User Experience.

     2. You’re not getting as many conversions as you used to. 

This indicator is tricky. It can lead to a few different problems, but your website might be one of them.


     3. Your website looks dull compared to the competitors’ website. 

It is always the best practice to keep track of competitors and make changes relevant to the current market.


     4. Your communication is ineffective. 

Hence, the website is one of the main tools to represent your business to the customers. Social media is great, but it always leads to the website. If your website is not up to date with your social media strategy then, “Houston, we have a problem”.

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