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Let’s dive into some of the top web design trends for 2022. We’ll look at trends that began to emerge in late 2021 and are definite candidates for setting the stage in the upcoming year, as well as a few trending designs that are on the cusp of popularity.

Fun, Optimistic Designs

Funky shapes, color, and even faces can make for a lot of fun. Designers are using the web design trend with fun, optimistic designs for everything from portfolio sites to e-commerce. The common thread with these designs is that they inject a little extra happiness into the world.

Black and White Color Schemes

Black and white color schemes are the most stark, and beautiful, design trend of the year. Without color, you really have to think about and design within constraints. While this might sound a little intimidating, it can be freeing and help jumpstart creativity. Plus, the results can be absolutely stunning.

Bold & Experimental Typography

In 2022, there’s no wrong way to do typography. Big bold fonts — even serifs — are everywhere. And they look fantastic. When playing with this website design trend, think about how the typefaces will respond (everything looks different on a mobile screen) and how to maximize impact for visitors. Many experimental typefaces aren’t just designed with flair, they also include elements such as animations or flex options.

Three-Dimensional Design Elements

It’s time to think in 3D for almost anything. From real-life web models to video or photo illustrations with depth, three-dimensional elements can help provide extra understanding for a design, such as the architectural rendering above, or enhance visual interest.

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