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For mobile-first companies, the user app experience is the principal way that customers interact with, build relationships with, and exchange value with your brand. 

There are a wide variety of components that factor into your user experience, from the strength of your app’s underlying infrastructure to your consumer-facing app interface to the variety of communication channels you’re using to engage with users.

Here, we’ll get into a comprehensive list of tips for elevating your user experience, which in turn will translate to both growing your user base and retaining existing customers.

1) Reduce Friction

The idea of reducing in-app friction entails minimising the effort users put out to do a task or achieve their objective. Friction can result from problems finishing a task, like an uncomfortable checkout process, for example. It can also refer to minimising the steps necessary to finish a crucial operation, such as placing an order.

2) Examine User Trends

Analyse trends in session length, session count, app installed and uninstalled, and other metrics. Finding out where and when customers lose interest or don’t take a desired action might help you determine what aspects of your user experience need to be improved.

On a high level, you should be looking at metrics like Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly active users (MAU), which measure the volume of users active in your platform on a daily and monthly basis.

3) Collect Direct Feedback

By gathering customer feedback, you may more directly address their concerns, inspire the development of particular features, and give them a sense of being heard. Obtain user feedback on the app’s usability, onboarding processes, design elements, and other aspects of the user experience.

4) Personalise the App Experience

As businesses gather more user data across their tech stacks, user expectations for personalization are also rising. You can leverage information about a user’s purchase stage, known preferences, certain behaviours, and personal information to tailor your user experience.

5) Comb Through App Reviews

Your app reviews can be a useful tool for determining where your audience’s user experience is succeeding or failing. You can read reviews to learn which aspects of the app experience are top of mind for customers as a supplement to the direct input you are gathering.

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