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Mobile design can be a tricky subject, with many things to consider when creating a mobile app. To simplify the task, we’ve prepared some highly practical tips on what you should do when designing mobile apps. Keep them in mind as you’re designing your app’s experience.

1) Research before design

You can better understand your users and their needs if you conduct adequate research. You might perform a rivalry analysis. Look for apps that resemble the one you’re building. Consider which elements of the apps you enjoy and why, as well as those elements you dislike.

2) Cut out the clutter

Your user will be overloaded with information if your user interface is cluttered. It’s possible to aim for minimalism. Remove extraneous items that do not support user tasks and concentrate on the material that your users will find valuable. Keep the interface light and airy by using few decorative elements, such as gradients and drop shadows.

3) Make text legible

It is a must for any mobile interface to make text readable. To preserve readability and usability in all sizes, pick a typeface that performs well in a variety of weights and sizes. Users should be able to read text at least 11 points tall without having to zoom in.

4) Minimise the need for typing

Mobile device typing is a laborious and error-prone operation. Therefore, it’s important to make typing on a little device as minimal as possible. Just ask what you really must know. By deleting any extraneous fields, forms should be as brief and straightforward as feasible.

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