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What are your current lead generation ideas costing you?

If you’re generating leads that are hard to nurture and convert, then they cost a lot.

You’re not just looking for a way to generate more leads. These leads need to generate greater profits.

Otherwise, you’d just spend a couple of thousand on a cold call list.

You’d spend all your time getting hung up on and taken for a ride by people who really don’t want your services.

The quality of your leads determines how quickly and effortlessly you can use those leads to generate profits for your business.

These leads continue to generate profits for the lifetime of that customer.

And as a happy customer, that customer will help you generate more quality leads by recommending your business.

The goal isn’t just to generate more leads, but the right leads.

These top lead generation ideas are how to make that happen.

1. Realising It’s Not About You

As entrepreneurs, we like to talk a lot about ourselves. If we didn’t have a healthy confidence level, it would be impossible to do what we do.

Your target customer appreciates that confidence. But they need something more.

Today’s B2B buyers are turning to companies that add real value.

This value comes in the form of information they need for the decision-making process. But this is one area where many marketers go astray.

They expect potential customers to think of them as their exclusive source of information.

They want to be a thought leader and have the final say in their niche. But B2B buying decisions are too complex to rely on one source of information.

Think about it from their perspective.

Can you really say that you researched and found the right solution for your company if you get all of your information from one place?

On top of that, don’t you benefit if they buy your services? This can create a bit of a conflict of interest.

Resolve this dilemma with lead generation ideas like this one. This can work for both B2B and B2C businesses.

We’ll walk you through several ways you can use this concept to generate more leads that increase profits.

2. Plugging Up Your Leaky Funnel

Whether you call it a sales funnel, the Buyer’s Journey, or a content marketing funnel, the basic concept stays the same.

In each, you’re using some form of content to guide a person down a path.

It looks something like this: Awareness > Consideration > Decision-Making > Review

In B2B, this funnel is even more important. You often have multiple decision-makers who need to see different types of content to make a decision.

When we’re discussing lead generation ideas here, our primary focus is that space between Awareness and Consideration.

This crucial middle of the funnel is where a lot of funnels fail.

An enthusiastic entrepreneur quickly builds a following on social media. They have great engagement.

Then they struggle to turn that engagement into viable leads.

Or they’re getting tremendous traffic to their website thanks to spectacular SEO strategies. But the traffic doesn’t become increased revenues.

Either way, it’s a huge problem. But learning how to fix it is one of the best lead generation ideas you’ll find.

3. Nurture Tepid Leads into Hot Qualified Leads

59% of B2B marketers say that email is the best way to generate revenue from leads. It’s no wonder.

It aligns with the fact that 86% of professionals say that email is the preferred way to receive communications from a brand.

When a person offers their email address, they don’t instantly become a highly qualified lead. They’ve just shown some interest in your brand.

Nurture that interest through segmentation and automation.

Segmentation is the act of categorising leads in some way to generate more relevant content for each segment.

Automation allows you to quickly respond to opportunities you plan for. You don’t have to know exactly when they’ll occur.

You can set up triggers that will instantly send a certain message that furthers that person’s journey.

It may be to make a sale, remind a person of their interest, provide information, or quickly solve a problem.

Automation also takes a lot of the repetitive and monotonous work out of nurturing leads. It gives you more time to focus on creating segmented content.

These two work hand in hand to generate highly qualified leads.

4. Capture Leads through Social Media

Many entrepreneurs waste a lot of time and money on “social media marketing” They don’t have a plan to turn engagement into leads that will generate profits.

They end up chasing likes and shares and wondering why it’s not working.

Social media is an amazing awareness-generating tool. When done right it’s one of the best lead generation ideas out there.

It works best when teamed up with other methods like email segmentation. That’s where you can cost-effectively convert that lead into revenues.

But you have to capture that lead in order to nurture it through email.

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