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What kind of apps are currently being built today, and how do they help travellers? In this section, we’ll break down some of the most popular application types in development for the travel industry.

1) Travel Planning App

A trip planning app is a tool for making reservations, keeping track of rewards, and looking through travel deals. Consumers, travel suppliers, and travel agents can all utilise software to arrange their trips. While some applications are made exclusively for use by travel agents, others are made for private customers.

2) Virtual Tour App

Virtual tours are 360-degree videos that give viewers a chance to explore a place before going there in person. Similar to panoramic photographs, virtual tours are created utilising specialised equipment (360-degree cameras), specialised stitching programmes, and 3D animations. Real estate brokers, travel agencies, hotels, and other players in the tourism sector employ virtual tours to give their clients engaging experiences.

3) Deals Alerts App

Deals alerts are tools that help travel agencies generate revenue by directing potential clients to partner websites. Bargains notifications are typically implemented as mobile apps or browser plugins that alert users to exclusive deals even when they aren’t actively looking for travel. These alerts are intended to supplement rather than take the place of standard travel search engines.

Deal alerts come in a wide variety of forms. The simplest form of deal alerts is the most fundamental. Customers may only hear about local bargains from them, or they may only hear about deals that are valid for a certain period of time. Customers may be shown the price of the bargain or simply the name of the business providing the deal. More sophisticated deal alerts are tailored to the user. These alerts take the customer’s current location into account as well as their current search engine results. They can also take into account the customer’s previous purchases and tailor alerts to the customer’s interests.

4) Currency Conversion App

Any app that enables users to convert currencies on their smartphones qualifies as a currency conversion app for the travel sector. Some apps for currency conversion are linked to certain currencies, such as the MYR. Various currencies, including the MYR , the Euro, the Japanese Yen, the British Pound, and the Australian Dollar, are linked to other currency conversion apps. Although this kind of programme can be used for many different things, international travellers seem to use it most frequently. To change their home currency into the local currency of the destination they are visiting, travellers use currency conversion applications. They can buy food, travel, and lodging with the converted currency.


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