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1) Efficient Program Development

Modularization makes development quicker as smaller subprograms are easier to understand, write, and design than larger ones, causing programmers able to write and fix code more easily to get the intended output thanks to the earlier description of modules’ inputs and outputs. It is simple to combine and test many modules after they have been developed as a single entity.


2) Ease of Debugging and Modification

Because well-defined software interfaces and issues are localised to certain modules, modular code is simpler to debug than monolithic code. A developer will find it simpler to correct a problematic module after the tester has discovered it. Furthermore, since you are confident that adding a new module won’t have an impact on other application modules, you can confidently add it to an already-existing application.


Code errors are simpler to spot because modules run independently of one another. Each module is responsible for a distinct function or activity, therefore if a certain function isn’t working, you may fairly assume that the module handling that function is experiencing an isolated problem. On the other hand, when code gets longer, the dangers it poses—like vulnerability and unpredictability—get bigger.


3) Multiple Use of Subprograms

Because it is simple to move or connect modules with other applications where they can carry out identical functions, they are reusable. As a result, modularized apps are simpler to grow and administer, which reduces the cost and time required to develop them. Contrarily, monolithic programming makes it practically hard to reuse existing code for a new application since it is frequently too challenging to find and distinguish between individual pieces of code.

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