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Web development has grown for the past few decades and is still growing rapidly, as you read this line. Nowadays, as an aspiring website owner, you should clearly know what kind of tech stack you should use to develop a web app for yourself. You should stay current on web development trends and, at the same time, be ahead of the future of web development, which is not an easy task.

Failure to stay up with emerging trends may have a negative impact on the performance and user experience of your website. The risk of falling behind your market competitors and losing significant amounts of traffic does sound devastating.

Thus, developing your website according to the current trends in web development is the right approach to keep your business alive while gaining a competitive advantage.

Therefore, let’s take a deeper look at the latest web development trends for 2022 that our app developers for startups have prepared.


WebAssembly is here to disrupt the market segments of web applications. The main reason is that the new format intends to provide online applications with native-like performance. WebAssembly compiles the code written in any programming language to run inside a browser. It’s a similar technique when compared to the SPAs. However, in this case, WebAssembly can compile any programming code.

As a result, you can create the components for increased performance in your application with the appropriate programming language (like C# or Kotlin, for example). WebAssembly handles the browser execution, and thus native applications can run directly in the browser.


For several years, bitcoin and other blockchain topics have occupied the top places in tech blogs. In 2022, it is recommended to inspect them more closely as a tool for web solution security. For example, NASA has already implemented blockchain technology to protect data and prevent cyber attacks. That’s a good point to start with. If such big companies use this web app trend to protect their services, why shouldn’t you try it out?

Database safety

By storing the data on one server, a person makes a perfect place for hackers. By implementing blockchain, you can decentralize your data (as we mentioned previously), which means that there is no single person or location where the data is stored. Every user is responsible for data verification, and none of the changes can be made unless everyone approves it.

DNS protection

There are a lot of companies that suffer or experience DDoS attacks practically every single day. The answer to this dangerous vulnerability is DNS decentralisation. Basically, what this means is – that the data that you store is distributed among numerous nodes. Thus, making it practically impossible for a malicious person to find sensitive information and attack your web app.

All in all, no matter what web app you plan to develop, the security should be on top. Keep an eye on the most effective approaches and make sure the management team has enough knowledge and experience in security aspects to keep important data safe.

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