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Traffic is an essential part of any successful campaign. Clients often say they don’t want to spend extra to get more traffic.

To get relevant traffic, you first need to experience getting a lot of traffic that may not be relevant but lets you find your niche. Getting a lot of traffic helps you to find your customers.

There’s nothing worse than a campaign that isn’t getting results. You spend time and money creating and running a PPC marketing campaign only to feel fed up and deflated that it isn’t working. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Let’s explore some simple, effective ways to optimise your PPC campaigns and get those results.

Increase Click Budget

Don’t think it’s merely a “throw more money at it, and it will go away” type solution. The higher your bid on a keyword, the higher you will rank for it. It means more eyes will be on it, generating more clicks.

However, click budget isn’t the only factor; you must also consider ad quality, relevance & landing page experience.

Some industries are more expensive than others. If your friend’s company is getting excellent results and you’re spending more but not getting that much traffic, it might be due to you being in a more expensive industry.

You’re simply not getting much traffic as you run out of money. Therefore, increasing the budget might be a suitable solution for you.

If you have already maxed out your daily ad spend, it’s worth increasing this too. If you increase bids without a budget, you’ll likely increase the Cost Per Click and overall clicks.

Every PPC marketer knows that if you don’t have a big budget to spend, the trick is to adjust the bidding. It lets a PPC campaign spend more on the times you’re getting more traffic.

Write More Effective Ad Copy

One of the biggest mistakes we see with Google ad copy is being too creative and not direct enough. Obviously, it does depend on the industry, but it pays to be more direct. People are coming to Google for results, and they want them quickly.

They don’t want to decipher their way through complex language to find what they came for.

It uses all the keywords; therefore, when people search for that, they will find just what they are after. However, be careful and don’t overuse keywords. The last thing you want is to have your ad copy stuffed with keywords.

It may have the opposite result as customers are much more attracted to the ad copy, highlighting USPs and solving customers’ pain points.

As much as we recommend using keywords and getting all the traffic in. Make sure that your ad copy is also selling your product or service.

Adjust Targeting Location

Maybe one area is draining your budget but not converting. You can exclude that location from your current campaign or create a new campaign and give that location a smaller percentage of the budget. This way, you’ll only ever spend X amount on this location.

Some of the locations are cheaper. Therefore, you can get a higher amount of traffic. As mentioned previously, PPC campaigns allow to include and exclude areas. For that matter, they let you be very specific and even use a postcode.

Do More Keyword Research

The keywords will always dictate how well any PPC marketing campaign performs. If you aren’t getting the desired results, it might be time to return to the drawing board. Keywords are your key to success.

They can’t be too broad, but if your product is a niche, then you won’t be able to get any traffic. Therefore, review your keywords every few weeks to get the best results.

The easiest way to do this is using Google Keyword Planner. Start by entering any relevant keywords and sort by the average search volume. This enables you to identify the keywords that will generate the most traffic.

They may be more expensive, but you still have to target the best keywords for your campaign. PPC Marketing is an ongoing process, but working your way through this list will give you an excellent basis to get better results.

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