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Today, the number of mobile Internet users outnumbers desktop, and that number will only continue to grow with global smartphone accessibility.

Google also announced a shift to a mobile-first index in 2016, meaning sites that don’t perform well on mobile devices will also have their desktop rankings affected. Sites that are not mobile-friendly will experience drops in search rankings, which could have a major impact on their digital marketing success.

Since responsive design allows you to reach both desktop and mobile users, it’s the best way to provide a great user experience to convert more customers.

Let’s take a deeper look at five benefits of responsive design.

1. Cost-effective

With responsive design, you only have to invest in one site that reaches visitors on all devices. This can save your business money, while allowing you to connect with more potential customers.

A responsive site lets you reach both desktop and mobile users, which is significantly more cost-effective than creating and maintaining separate sites for desktop and mobile users.

2. Improves user experience

When people have a positive experience on your site, it is easier to convince them to come back and ultimately become customers. If your site doesn’t use responsive design, you run the risk of delivering a poor user experience to mobile visitors.

With responsive design, you can ensure that all visitors have a great experience on your site, no matter the device they use to access it. Responsive design eliminates unnecessary zooming, makes navigation easier, and leaves a positive impression on site visitors.

3. Boosts your SEO

As we mentioned, Google gives preference to mobile-friendly websites. Using responsive design can help your site rank higher in search results for keywords and phrases related to your business.

The higher your website appears in search results, the more traffic you’ll attract from organic search. You’ll also improve brand awareness and appear more credible to search engine users.

In fact, the first organic ranking in Google search results receives 33% of clicks. So boosting your rankings with responsive design is extremely valuable.

4. Increases leads and revenue

Since responsive design allows you to reach mobile and desktop users, you will be able to attract and convert more qualified leads. Without responsive design, you could be missing out on valuable leads using mobile devices.

Responsive design allows you to connect with more leads online and provide them with the information they need to move through your sales funnel and ultimately become customers – generating more revenue for your company.

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